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Lostallo (Graubunden) - Switzerland
20.07.2016 - 24.07.2016

Our  valley is still vibrating with that incredible energy created by your  dancing, swaying bodies and souls, all enhanced with overwhelming  kindness and passion.

We  are beyond thankful to every single one of you who joined our gathering  to celebrate LIFE with your beautiful smiles to launch a story which  will continue....

Our  deepest-felt desire is to gaze in wonderment, inspired by these  graceful trance-state minds dancing together, exploring themselves ...  leading up to the blossoming of pure joy by only “being" and to gain  knowledge.
The mere existence of a wide variety of rays flowing in from the same sources of energy ... be it Nature, God or Love.

Shankra  Festival starts on Wednesday 20 July evening at 18:00 with great  booming chill-out till Thursday morning; as a musical journey, the line  up will progressively develop with care, love and energy.

Shankra Floor Artists:

Ajja (Peak Records) Switzerland
Aes Dana (Ultimae Records) France
Altruism (Nano Records) Brasil
Andromeda (Eyelipse) Greece
Arjuna (Parvati Records) Italy
Astral Gnomix (Bmss Records) Switzerland
Ajanix (24/7 Records) Switzerland
Atacama (Digital Om Records) Germany
Atomizers (Iono Music) Portugal
Audiofisters (Tesseract Studio) Switzerland
Beat Hackers (Agitato Records) Israel
Bi-Molecular (Aphonix Records) Switzerland
Burn In Noise (Alchemy Records) Brasil
Crazy Astronaut (How2make Records) Russia
Devin (Tribal Vision Records) Switzerland
Drumatik (Sangoma Records) Switzerland
Etnica / Pleiadians (Etnica Records) Spain
Galaxy Drop (Merki Music) Switzerland
H.U.V.A Network (Ultimae Records) France/Sweden
Haldolium (Blue Tunes Records) Germany
Hatta (Grasshoper Records) Japan
Human Element (Iboga Records) Switzerland
Hypnocoustics (Liquid Records) England
Ibojima (Tip Records) Sweden
James West (Nano Records) England
Justin Chaos (Zero One Records) Argentina
Kaminanda (Merkaba Music) USA
Kaya Project (Interchill Records) England
KIN (Spectral Records) Portugal
Laughing Buddha (Nano Records) England
Liftshift (Maheretta Records) Netherland
Logic Bomb (Tip Records) Sweden
M-Theory (Alchemy Records) England
Mahi (Aphonix Records/Narmada) Switzerland
Maitika (Digital Om Records) France
Master Margherita (Blue Hour Sounds) Switzerland
Middle Mode (Digital Om Records) Serbia
Müstik (Solar Tech Records) Switzerland
Nibana (Maia Brasil Records) France
Obliviant (Looney Moon Records) UK & NL
Rumble Pack (Moon Spirits Records) Switzerland
Shake (Tesseract Studio) Mexico
Shekinah (Mosaico Records) Brasil
Shore Bar Axel (Syncronize Records) Germany
Solar Fields (Ultimae Records) Sweden
Soul Seeker (Tip Records) Sweden
Sourone (Zenon Records) Poland
Spectra Sonics (Grasshoper Records) Japan
Spinal Fusion (Profound Records) India
StarLab (Digital Om Records) India
Stellardrone (Energostatic Records) Lithuania
Suduaya (Altar Records) France
Techyon (Iono Music) Portugal
Tegma (Tribal Vision Records) Sweden
Terranostra (Flying Spores Records) Switzerland
Thatha (Nano Records) Brasil
Yestermorrow (Iono Music) Portugal
Yuya (Antu Records) Japan


Lotus Floor Artists:

Aes Dana (Ultimae Records) France
Ancient Core (Independent) Romania
Andrew Leung (Strategic Sounds) Hong Kong
Anficlavis (Argot Digamma Music) Switzerland
Armonix (Solar Tech Records) Switzerland
Asaya (Polargroove) Switzerland
Black Sun (Aphonix Records) Switzerland
Caemix (Savva Records) Switzerland
Chillomanie (Animi Defectus) Switzerland
Dark Whisper (Alice-D Records) Italy
Driss (Hadra Records) France
Face Design (Prog On Syndicate) Switzerland
Feinmechanik (Bunker 13) Switzerland
Gus PB & Nola (No Name Productions) Switzerland
Hanbleceya (NBM Records) France
Imox (Free Freak Music) Switzerland
Italo Safari (Psyara Records) Spain
Johnny Reverb (Aphonix Records) Switzerland
Kronos (D-Noir Records) Italy
Korento (Aura) Finland
Loopmoon (Psyara Records) Spain
Lyron (Cactus Records) Czech Republic
Maha Sun (Samana Records) Switzerland
Maluns (Maluns Music) Switzerland
Millivolt (Zenon Records) Switzerland
Mindsurfer (SinSonic Records) Switzerland
Naan (Purple Hexagon) England
Nami (Blue Hour Sounds) Italy
Nampur (Polar Groove) Switzerland
Nascara (Shivaluna Production) Switzerland
Necropsycho (Alice-D Records) Brasil
Organic Shapes (Blue Hour Sounds) Italy
Outland ( Switzerland
Photosynthesis (Independent) Italy
Posthuman (Psy Conspiracy) France
Protone (Color Of Sun) Switzerland
Randa & Ankh (Talismat/Psyco Karma) Italy
Razaleus (Shamanic Enterprise) Hong Kong
Sanathana (Samana Records) India - UAE
Sectio Aurea (Argot Digamma Music) Switzerland
Solar (Zenon Records) Mexico
Spasm (Ganani Family) Israel
Spiral Hand (Intensive/Tribe Of Surya) Switzerland
Suduaya (Altar Records) France
Susanna Dobos (5 Rhythm) Switzerland
Suspect One (Underground Effects) Switzerland
Trance & Schlampe (Virus/Sinsonic) Switzerland
Xetrov (Fungo Records) Austria



Bamboo Architecture
Wood Structures
Kinetic Sculptures
Human Aerial Art
Nature-Shaping Monuments
Land Art
Live Painting



Yoga: Kundalini, Pranayama, Jivamukthi, Hatha,
and many more

Healing: Shiatsu, Crystal Therapy, Gong Bath, Ayurvedic
and many more

Workshops: Permaculture, Fire Arts, Indian Classical Dance
and many more

Lectures: Neuroscience, Eco Sustainability, Human Tech
and many more



Lostallo - (Graubunden) - Switzerland

By Car:

From Basel, Zürich, Geneva, Luzern, S.Gottard:
Highway A2 until Bellinzona then follow San Bernardino highway A13,
then exit Lostallo City and follow the signs

From Chur, San Gallen, Davos, St.Moritz:
Highway A13 Direction Bellinzona then exit at Lostallo City and follow the signs.

From Milano:
Highway A2 until Bellinzona then follow San Bernardino highway A13,
then exit Lostallo City and follow the signs

By Train:

From Basel, Zürich, Geneva, Luzern, S.Gottard:
Stop in Bellinzona, then take the Bus Direction San Bernardino,
and then stop at Festival Entrance.

From Milan:
Stop in Bellinzona, then take the Bus Direction San Bernardino,
and then stop at Festival Entrance.

Check your travel plan with

By Bus:

From Chur, Davos, S.Moritz:
Direction San Bernardino,
and then stop at Festival Entrance.

Check your travel plan with

By Airplane:

There are 3 ways to reach Shankra Festival:

Zurich-Klöten Airport (Switzerland) :
When you land take the train to Zurich main station then,
stop in Bellinzona, then take the Bus direction San Bernardino,
and then stop at Festival Entrance.

Lugano-Agno Airport (Switzerland):
When you land take the FLP train to Lugano main station,
from there take the train to Bellinzona and then take the bus direction San Bernardino
and then stop at Festival Entrance.

Milan-Malpensa Airport (Italy):
When you land take the bus to Chiasso (Switzerland)
then take the train to Bellinzona and there take the bus direction San Bernardino
and then stop at Festival Entrance.

Check your travel plan with (Swiss Train Timetable)




Early Birds Tickets: 80.00 CHF + TICKETINO % (SOLD OUT)

1° Level Tickets: 100.00 CHF + TICKETINO %

2° Level Tickets: 120.00 CHF + TICKETINO %

Car Parking & Camper Parking are FREE!


Shankra  Festival desires to reunite the worldwide tribe in the magical valley  to celebrate life once again. We are offering friendly price tickets for  70 Countries and 2 entires Continents.

Friendly Price Tickets: 85 EURO (LIMITED)
(Only till 01.07.2016)


Children below 11 years old get free entrance.
Shankra Children’s Village will be a free child play
centre with loads of activities for children from 3 years old on.

Please subscribe your child with the following application:

5  days into the nature, more than 100 Artists on 2 stages, 50 Workshops,  Food & Market Shops, Camping, Camper Camping, Art, Healing Area,  Children Area, L-Acoustics Sound System, Stunning Visuals, Amazing  Decorations, Free Water, 24 hours Medical Help, WC, Showers, Info Point,  Parking Area, Waterfall and much more…


Minimum Age: 18+
Underage people could have access only with parents.

For more infos please visit:

Camping Opening: 20.07.2016 > 12:00 AM
Camping Closing: 25.07.2016 > 12:00 AM

Shankra Floor Opening: 20.07.2016 > 18:00 PM
Shankra Floor Closing: 24.07.2016 > 18:00 PM

Lotus Floor Opening: 21.07.2016 > 09:00 AM
Lotus Floor Closing: 24.07.2016 > 13:00 PM


Music Genre:

Psychedelic,  Full-On, Psychedelic Progressive, Goa-Trance, Dark Progressive,  Hi-Tech, Dark, Chill, Ambient, Downtempo, Minimal, Deep Techno,  Instrumental Concerts.


Shops, Volunteers, Photographers, Art. All through website application.

Shankra Festival 2016 Official Teaser:


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