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Interview with Dejan 18.09.13

1. may I ask you since when you are listening to this kind of music?
Dejan: Of course you may, I think it was the year 2002.

2. what exactly was your first contact with progressive psy? party, friends? tell us a bit of your story.
Dejan: Well I was a morning fullon psy producer till 2011, I remember it was the end of October when i stopped with that
style, there was a storm going on in my neighborhood, the lightning hit our substation and it burned my hard drive
with 7/8 years of work, it didn't really made me sad or anything like that, it was a perfect way for me to get away
from that struggling fullon production and find something new to do, so I checked what had more complexity in general
psy trance style and I've found progressive psy sound, soon after that I got in contact with one of my good friends
from my area, to be more exact, with Nikola Kozic a.k.a. Zyce,Ectima,Orison,Vertex, and I was totally blown away with
TesseracTstudio vibe, and I made my first EP called Light Force.

3. when were you the first time behind the mixers on stage?
Dejan: A bit hard to remember, it was a small party in Serbia around 2004/5.

4. ...and when do you have started to create your own tracks? which one was your very first one, do we know it or is it a special secret of you?
Dejan: I started around the year 2003, can't really say which one was the first,
cause I lost all of my data in that storm, but I could tell you about Lyctum's first track, it's called "The bass creator".

5. which artist has influenced your music? are you some kind of a fan of somebody?
Dejan: I don't believe some artist has influenced my sound, I like only a few projects but I don't let them influence me
in any way, cause that way i could loose the originality and become a copycat. Although, i love "Solar Fields" project.

6. if yes, why is this artist for you some kind of a "special artist"?
Dejan: I think Solar Fields is the most original producer there ever was and i give my full respect for his efforts,
it opened my eyes production-wise with his "out of this world atmospheres".

7. you traveled a lot, for us it is strange to think about all this flying... could you count how many times you
flew during 2013 for getting on stage? what was the worst trip and what was your best, unforgettable one?
Dejan: Around 30 to 35 times so far as we speak, and i have around 10 more days to rest, work, and get better with my
health until I start again. The worst one i have to say it happened very recently, just a week ago, I was going to
Argentina/Buenos Aires, the party was one of the best I ever had in my life, but the flight back got to me pretty
hard. I got a flu from it, cause of the air condition and dry air in the plane, I couldn't hear on my right ear for 5
days, cause of the plane pressure, I got constipation which was one of the strangest experiences in my life and
allergies which I never ever had before. The best flight for me is Serbia/Greece, it only takes around 1 hour and i
don't stress as much, so i love it.

8. on what kind of stages you prefer to play, do you prefer the desert, beach, mountains etc. and why?
Dejan: I love playing on beaches but I'd still prefer on mountains, cause of it's nature, beautiful landscapes and fresh air.

9. Is there a big difference between parties in Central Europe and parties for example in Israel?
Dejan: Well i wouldn't really know to answer this question cause i have never played in Israel yet. I had some offers but
it got cancelled somehow, anyways, at least what I can provide to you for this question is that there's a lot of
differences in the scene, let's say between Europe and South America.. In Europe, crowd is somehow much more relaxed
and calmed down while in South America crowd is one of the craziest i have ever seen, so much jumping and screaming,
which I appreciate very much, they dance more freely sort of speech, and I love that.

10. do you have plans to create tracks with other artists, if yes could you tell us names?
Dejan: As we speak I'm working with around 10 artists on collaborations, such as: Ectima, Zen Mechanics, Zyce, Talpa,
Spinney Lainey, Moon Tripper, John 00 Fleming and few others. + Suduaya and myself are creating a new
Ambient/Chillout lounge focused project soon as we get some free time to sit and work.

11. is there any new album in your pipeline? any time horizon for us?
Dejan: Well my mission is to give people each year a new album + many other releases. so yes, new stuff is always coming
from my side. I have just released a new album called "Vibrations of Life".

12. may I ask you which software and equipment do you use for creating your tracks?
Dejan: I use FL studio at the moment. I didn't really buy any special equipment yet for the studio, cause I'm a mobile producer.

13. and what is your equipment when you travel and play on stage?
Dejan: A laptop and a korg nano kontrol, thinking about switching to Mac+iPad+midi control.

14. what do you think about tools like the korg kaoss-pad?
Dejan: Never used it, so no opinion about it.

15. Do you have any special tip for people to start creating their own tracks, what is the easiest way?
Dejan: From my own experience, my tip is to sit and work hard. don't ask for tips and advices, cause it influences the
producer and by that it ruins the originality of a producer, as i mentioned before. Watch also for the mood swings and don't stress.

Biografie (this part is copied by Lyctum's Facebook Account)
Dejan Jovanovic born in 1989, also known as Lyctum , is one of those artists who are truly appreciated in the trance music production, recognized by many original masterpieces, collaborations with leading artists and numerous best selling remixes. This project is so musical that nowadays Dejan is considered as true master of his generation. He's vividly painting the sounds of his own creation throughout the massive horizon of arrangements, ambiances, melodies, special effects and percussion's. His very first release made an huge impact on the scene, it was released on TesseracTstudio record label in the end of 2011. The very first track of Lyctum project called "The bass creator" from the EP "Light force" made a revolution in psychedelic trance scene and broke all the rules, unique atmospheres and crystallized lazer bassline with a lot of low frequencies that makes both your mind and stomach go on a different state of a feeling, and that significant Lyctum signature is now one of the most wanted vibrations in the psy world. Soon after that (mid 2012) he released his first album called "Tales from the universe" and got rated on the 2nd best selling album of the year, which took his career step forward and got more recognized on the scene. As he was continuing with his production, Dejan released numerous compilations, ep's and other releases, which went really good on the dancefloors and distributions, supported by John 00 Fleming, Paul Oakenfold, Astrix, Simon Patterson and few other big names. Dejan recently finished and released his second album called "Vibrations of Life" on TesseracTstudio records which was one of the most highly anticipated releases in 2013, one week after the release got him in the top 5 best sellers as many listeners all around the world were supporting his fresh sound. Lyctum is without a shadow of a doubt one of the artists that has made the biggest impact on the progressive psy trance and renewed/refreshed the whole scene in general.

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